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Re: Night Walkers

Post by Sora_Of_KHK on Sat Jun 23, 2007 1:33 am

OOC: Yeah. Me too.

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Re: Night Walkers

Post by keybladerxiii on Wed Aug 22, 2007 1:01 am

I want to join but can my character have a KH background (as in my character can se keyblades and use some magic and all that)
If i can here is my bio

Name: Joshua....I don;t have a last name

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Weapons:I have plenty of weapons but for these crreatures....i will take the fang

Skills: Spellcasting Stealth Sword skills Martial arts and other powers i can;t explain

Bio: I don;t want to talk about it but it does involve creature that dwell in the darkness

Joshua's prologue

I left the inn and started to head out of town suddenly i saw one of them again.......why are they following me?

I was busy looking at the ground as i have liberated a few possesions while i was busy i was i did not see the man when i walked into him

I dropped my stuff and all the stolen items were scatttered on the ground

"Here let me help you" said the man

When everything was packed i said thank you and then headed off to the next town

after a while i decide to stop for the rest of the night

so i decided to look through my possesions that i had acquired

that was when i found it.....the letter that would ...not really change but at least my life would have a bit more excitement

I read the letter

Dear recipient of this letter

My name is Zane Van Helsing. I fight creatures of the entire family has done this. but these creatures are now starting to get out of hand and i may not be able to stop them all alone. So I need aprentices to wield four special weapons used to kill these creatures and you are one of the chosen few who i have selected for training to fight them.

You have experienced these creature one way or another either they have attacked you and your were some how able to fend them off in an unexplainable way or you have been cursed by one of these creatures and untill you find the one that cursed you you must kill all creatures of the night so that noone else may have the same fate.

either way you have not got any or all of the skills you need to vanquish these creatures. I will not force you to come but if you are interested find the Van Helsing mansion at.......

That was when i was rudely interrupted by those things

I tried to fight back but i was quickly overpowered and but then some thing came over me and the creature flew back and hit a branch of a tree

i then fell unconcious

".....He is starting to wake up that's a good sign" said a voice ...familiar but i couldn't place it

"Where am I??" I said my voice weak
I opened my eyes
"You are in the Van Helsing Mansion" Said the man i walked into back at the town
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