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Post by Tidus Du on Thu Jun 28, 2007 4:31 pm

Being the new Greeting Team Leader, I have decided to bring in the counselors. This and another section are their main focuses, but they will operate wherever they see problems!!!!

If you wish to join the counseling division refer the Application and what's expected of you below.


-Must Always follow the rules.
-Must help people in a nice manner.
-Must help people in general.
-Stop fights without joining the fight.
-Report all fights to a nearby Mod. or admin.

There are 3 main Parts to it.

Pt. 1: Write a paragrpagh saying why I should select you. Also include any experience you may have.

Pt.2: Fill out this form so I can see how you'd fit in.

Age: 13 + PLease!
Grade or Grade going into:
Grade Point Average:
Post Ammount:
Join Date:

Pt.3: You will tell me how you would solve these 2 predicements.

Ex.1: A girl named: BunnyQueen12 is sad. She tells everyone that she feels leftout. That everyone hates her, even her family. She has no friends, and wants to end it all.

WHat would you tell her?

Ex:2 ZacAttk and LO$er are fighting and it begins to look ugly. How will you end it? There isn 't a mod or admin online!

Tidus Du

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Post by Altair_assassin on Fri Sep 07, 2007 8:00 am

OMG!! You totally copied this from the KH3 Forum!! That is so wrong of could you do that!?!?! Shocked

Um...what's that name..KH3fan02?..did a lot of work for his greeting team and here you go and steal his ideas!!


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