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Post by OmniChaos on Wed Jul 04, 2007 9:18 am

This is my theory about the secret ending of FM+ and such not. I put the facts up first, my theory is quickly after. It's long, so enjoy. =]


1) The secret ending takes place in the past.(Besides Nomura already stating such)
We know that Maleficent took over Hollow Bastion nine years before Kingdom Hearts 1 came out. Add that to the time that Xehanort spent as one of Ansem's disciples and we have the correct ending time of the Keyblade War. Xigbar mentions that Xehanort appeared in Radient Garden after the Keyblade War ended. *VOICES* KH2 Final Mix: The New Headquarters (English Subs)
Now in connecting these two things, we must refer to Nomura interviews.
Nomura stated that he wants to explain four different stroies: Xehanort's past, Roxas' time in the Org, Riku's absence and Mickey's absence. Now, let's turn to part of an interview from April:

[QUOTE=April 2, 2007 Interview]He also hinted that the new game would have something to do with Xehanort, the main villain of the Kingdom Hearts series.[/QUOTE]

That being said, it makes it clear that the new game and the secret ending is about Xehanort's past. Which, in turn, also places the Keyblade Wars with a date of roughly teh years before Kingdom Hearts 1. Now, since the next game will focus about Xehanort, that means one of the characters in the secret ending has to be Xehanort, otherwise it wouldn't make much sence.

2) Who is Xehanort? As said above, one of the characters from the secret ending has to be Xehanort. But the question is, which one? We can easily knock out Aqua and Ven for obvious reasons. The DS seems to only be part of the UEM and does not play the largest role in the secret ending. Which leaves us Terra and the UEM.
Both characters hold a connection to Xehanort, one more than the other. Let us see these connections.
Terra similiarities
~The first and most obvious is Terra's hair. It is very similiar to Xehanort's.
~Next, some of Terra's attacks are similiar to Xemnas'.

Terra differences
~Terra stated that he hated Xehanort when you return to fight him a second time (I'll cover something related to this next).
~Terra starts with blue eyes, which then turn yellow. Now, when we look at Xemnas' and Xehanort's heartless' eyes, they are orange (not counting Xehanort because he never tapped into darkness when he was whole). We know that eyes play a large importance in the KH series.
~Terra's personality is brute-like. We see this when he charges into battle against the UEM. Xehanort's heartless and Xemnas think before they charge into battle. Their attacks are strong, but thought out. They do not run into a fight without a plan.

UEM similiarities
~The most obvious is the outfit that both he and Xehanort's heartless wear. We can also see the same boots on Xehanort and Xemnas.
~Ansem discribed Xehanort as being Superhuman in his reports. For obvious reasons, the UEM can also be considered superhuman.
~The UEM, Xehanort, Xehanort's Heartless and Xemnas all share an obvious attraction toward Kingdom Hearts.
~The way the UEM has his arms in the secret ending is a very common sterotype of a scientist. Xehanort was also a scientist.
~Xehanort's Heartless and Xemnas were very calm during battle as well as out of it. Xehanort's Heartless and Xemnas (not as much so) were somewhat cocky. They knew that they were powerful and were not afraid to show it. Xehanort's Heartless basically called Sora stupid every time they met. He also underestimated the strength of Riku's heart because he thought he was too powerful for Riku to resist. The UEM was also calm and cocky. How so? He kept both arms behind his back for a good amount of the Secret ending. He fought off Terra with one hand behind his back (literally). He kept his evil smurk on his face the entire secret ending. He never flinched when someone came toward him or anything.
~The UEM, Xehanort's Heartless and Xemnas all have orange eyes.
~The UEM is cruel and evil. Xehanort's Heartless and Xemnas were both cruel. We cannot really call Xemnas evil because he only wanted to become whole. Though, the way he tried to do that, we can call evil. After you defeat Xemnas' first armored mode, he states that he needs more hate, more rage. Sora states that there are more to a heart than just anger and hate, then he asked if Xemnas remembers. Xemnas replies that he doesn't. Xemnas only remembers hate and rage, which are both very dark emotions. Xehanort's Heartless uses Darkness for his own, evil goals.
~The UEM and Xehanort both have pointy ears.
~Both the UEM and Xehanort's Heartless have guardians. They both leave most of the attacking to them, but both of them can also hold their own very well if needed.
~The UEM, Xehanort's Heartless and Xemnas excel in both physical strength and magic capabilities.

UEM differences
~The UEM is far older then Xehanort.

As you can plainly see, there are a lot more similiarites and less differences between the UEM and Xehanort.

3)Xehanort was found near death without any memories by Ansem.

From Secret Ansem reports 1:
At that time, he had lost his memories entirely, but afterwards he began to
exhibit a remarkable inquisitive mind. He absorbed my teachings incredibly
quickly, and amassed a deep knowledge.

But I wonder whether it is truly good that is in him. Certainly, Xehanort possesses a rare talent...

It is far too excellent. Even surpassing that of a human.

Xehanort, a man with no past, creates the strongest Heartless and Nobody. The heartless actual becomes a pure heart of darkness. Xehanort was a heart the majority of KH1 (Brown coat and blue fog being). Unlike heartless, Xehanort needed a host.

From Ansem Reports 12:
I have transcended to an existence of only the heart. I should have come back as a Heartless, but there is no sign of such a transformation.

My body has surely perished. However, I am different from the other Heartless, keeping the memories of before, and I have not taken on the form of a Heartless. It is clear that there are still many things to be studied.

Xehanort said he became a heart, but not a heartless. Perhaps, like Kairi, he too had a pure heart, except one of darkness.

4)The First Secret Ending. Many things with this Secret Ending contradicts with the second one. The three knights pick up the Kingdom Key, Inverse Key and Way to the Dawn, yet in the second secret ending, they are gone. The shadow in the first secret ending is walking with it's hands to it's sides and doesn't look exactly like the UEM from the second one.

5)Nomura has left us with an interesting thought.

Did that scene happen in the future or in the past?
I would at least say it's an episode in the past, but.... Hmm, how should I say this? It's in the past but you can also think it's in the future, something like that.

Now, I will put my theory together.

Let's first start off with the secret ending.

I think that the shadow in the first secret ending is showing us who we know (In the KH series) as the UEM. Like, the second secret ending shows us the UEM. While, the first one shows us who we know the UEM as. Understand?

1st shadow) The shadow is a bit wavy, but you can see guantlets on it very similiar to Xehanort/UEM's. The coat also is the same. Same basic closed top, open bottem. Now, if you look very closely, the 1st shadow's hair looks a lot like Xehanort's.
2nd) The UEM wears the guantlets and coat that the first one wore, but now has no hair.

The keyblades are used to show a connection between Aqua, Terra and Ven and Sora, Riku and Mickey. The reason we do not see the shadow's hair or the three keyblades in the second secret ending, is that the first one had already established a connection between the knights and our present Keybladers and the UEM with Xehanort. Since it had established the link, the use for them was no longer required and they were cut out of the second one, allowing us to see the battle between the UEM/DS and the knights.

Now, I strongly believe that the UEM is Xehanort. He shares far more similiarites with Xehanort then Terra does. The only thing is how the UEM went from old to young. Well, I recall Ansem trying to convert Kingdom Heats into data near the end of KH2. What if the UEM tried to asorb Kingdom Hearts? It is very powerful and to have complete control over it would basically make someone invincible.

We have already seen that the UEM, like Xehanort's heartless and Xemnas, is very conceited. It seemed that he didn't consider Terra and the others as threats. If he had, I would think he wouldn't have held his hands behind his back. He would have most likely battled more seriously and vigorously. The UEM never showed any sign of concern. Well, with the UEM being very powerful and cocky, perhaps he attempted to asorb Kingdom Hearts into himself and become an all powerful being. Since he is conceited, the UEM would probablly have underestimated Kingdom Heart's true strength. Since hearts are so hard to control, the UEM could have overloaded like Ansem's machine had. The resulting blast very well could have nearly kill the UEM and whipe his memory. The biggest thing is, we do not know all of Kingdom Hearts' power. The explosion sent him to Radient Garden, it very well could have altered his age. Look at what happened with Riku. As Ansem said, "Anything could happen."

What Nomura said left many people scratching their heads.
It's in the past but you can also think it's in the future, something like that.
We know it takes place in the past, but what does he mean it is also in the future?

We know the secret ending takes place during the Keyblade Wars. After it ended, Xehanort appeared. Now, what if time were to repeat? What if the Great Keyblade War were to be started again? May people loose their memories, but Xehanort/Xemnas seemed as they would go to an exstent to recover theirs. What if one individual restarted the war from the past? But who would want to? Who would be evil enough to? Xehanort. But Xehanort's Heartless is inside Riku and Xemnas is dead, how can he restart the Keyblade war from the past? Well, what if Xemnas and Xehanort's Heartless were to combine again? How? Xemnas died inside Kingdom Hearts after you defeat his first armored mode, yet he comes back. How can he? When Ansem's machine exploaded, Riku reverted to his true self. Then, when inside Kingdom Hearts (after Xemnas dies the first time) Riku tries to summon a portal, but can't. Mickey then tells Riku that he doesn't belong to the dark realm anymore. Perhaps that explosion freed Xehanort's heart from inside Riku. Now, say the nobody and heart combine. Xehanort is refromed. Then, the final piece of the puzzle is found. The Room of Awakening. Now, Xehanort uses the room to awaken his lost memories and return to his former self. Now, with knowledge of the past, Xehanort starts a new Keyblade War. The events of the past, now the events of the future. the past, now the future.

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Secret Ending Theory Empty Re: Secret Ending Theory

Post by Twilight Sora on Sat Jul 07, 2007 5:16 am

Very Nicely done. I love your theory. Very Happy

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Secret Ending Theory Empty Re: Secret Ending Theory

Post by keybladerxiii on Wed Aug 22, 2007 10:44 am

This is a more elaborate explanation of what i was thinking

"If you don;t learn from the past you will repeat it in the future"
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Secret Ending Theory Empty Re: Secret Ending Theory

Post by Miyako on Mon Feb 18, 2008 3:42 am

i like the theroy u came up with. when i showed it to my friend he said it made a lot of sense. and im ordering final mix so its gonna be fun!!! AND i just read this and watched the secret ending on you tube so i pointed out the stuff u said. IT WAS AWSOME

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Secret Ending Theory Empty Re: Secret Ending Theory

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