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Some news about KH-franchise Empty Some news about KH-franchise

Post by Thraxe on Tue Aug 21, 2007 12:50 pm

Square Enix Store Opening!
Written by Monkey
Tuesday, 21 August 2007

It's time, the Square Enix USA store is opening up in a matter of hours! Keep checking back as we finally get to see what they have in the store at launch. Once open, we'll update here with everything Kingdom Hearts related that can be bought at the store.

[Go to Square Enix Store]

[Countdown and Store Discussion in Community Forums]

Note: The store has opened! The store contains quite a bit. As of now, the Kingdom Hearts section includes the figures and keyblades below. There are also quite a lot of Final Fantasy Items, including plushes. I myself will be getting a few soon!

Here is some recent news about Kingdom Hearts, NOT fresh.

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Updated "Voice Actors" & Worlds Sections [19 Aug 2007]

Hey Everyone,

Being now only a month away now from Tokyo Gaming Show 2007, expect the next few weeks to be action-packed with lots of news and many content updates right here at Kingdom Hearts Ultimania.

Starting off with this week, our great new content writers have been busy rewriting much out-dated sections of KHU and today I've put up 4 newly revamped sections.

First off, Kelamity has put together a fantastic new page focused around the Voice Actors featured in Kingdom Hearts 2. It's gives a great insight into the people behind the voices and is far more intriguing than the very basic page we had before.

Moving on, Tylerrr93 has rewrote both our Twilight Town & The World That Never Was sections, which now feature a whole array of non-spoiler information and analysis on those worlds. Lastly, our KH2: Halloween Town page has also recieved the revamp treatment, put together by Tyler.

View: Kingdom Hearts 2 - Voice Actors
View: "Twilight Town" World Section
View: "The World That Never Was" World Section
View: "Halloween Town" World Section

Look out for even more new content later this week!
[Discuss & Comment on this Update]

Some news about KH-franchise Hayva
Here is one link about voice actors:


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